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About us

Committed to Keeping your space clean. 

​Geaux Janitorial is trusted by business and industry leaders for commercial cleaning, janitorial services and customer satisfaction. Our superior quality control cleaning system ensures accountability on our side so that you receive unmatched service, support and results.

With over 15 years experience, we have provided industry-leading commercial cleaning services to retail, corporate, commercial, industrial, banking and educational venues. We have achieved this through a focus on customer intimacy, maintaining a value-driven culture, utilizing quality people, developing innovative processes and producing consistent results.


Mindy Melton Braniff, Owner

Mindy has been in the cleaning and janitorial industry for over 15 years. With her level of commitment and relationship building, she's been able to build a successful business. She is always looking for different and creative methods to help bring the joy and excitement of coming to a space that's squeaky clean. 

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